Led by Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations (SVPO) Colette Sheehy, our organization encompasses the Office of the Architect, Business Services, Facilities Management, State Government Relations, and the University Building Official.

Colette Sheehy's Bio

SVPO Direct Reports and Office Staff

Patti Edson

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations


Alexis Ehrhardt

Executive Director for State Government Relations and Special Assistant to the President


Gheretta Harris

Associate Vice President for Business Services


Ben Hays

University Building Official


Holly Herman

Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations


Bethany Hurley

Acting Chief of Staff


Alice Raucher

Associate Vice President and Architect for the University


Don Sundgren

Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer


SVPO Committees

Arboretum and Landscape Committee
The Arboretum and Landscape Committee is charged by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Operations with exercising broad general oversight of the University’s landscape and site planning. The Committee shall advise the Senior Vice President for Operations, through the Architect for the University, concerning all matters related to landscape and site planning. The Committee will review all significant landscape and site concept designs, including those associated with capital projects, as well as any proposed alterations to areas within the University Grounds. The Committee will also review precinct and corridor plans proposed for Grounds and any elective removals of healthy trees.

The Committee shall support Blandy Farm and consult with its resident Director regarding matters related to the State Arboretum as may be appropriate. The Committee will administer the Lewis and Seward Funds to decide on the judicious application of their resources. The Committee will also forward a nomination to the Office of the President each spring for the recipient of the Founders Day tree planted annually.

Members: Bryan Lewis (Chair), Kevin Fox (interim), Chloe Hawkins, Kasey Jernigan, Jena Lahham (student), Cate Liverman, Richard Minturn, Diddy Morris, Eric Nagy, Randy Speight, Anna Towns, David Vander Meulen
Ex Officio: Chris Faught, Brian Hogg, Rich Hopkins, Rachel Lloyd, Erica Perkins, Helen Wilson
Fiscal Administrator: Mark Webb

Cemetery Committee
The University of Virginia Cemetery Committee shall assist and advise the University administration (Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations, or designee) on matters concerning the University Cemetery and Columbarium. It shall recommend a master plan for the Cemetery and Columbarium including future development and expansion of the current site. The Committee will make recommendations concerning the general appearance and maintenance of the Cemetery and Columbarium. The Committee will also determine criteria for eligibility for purchase and burial in the Cemetery and assist in developing guidelines for the administration of the Cemetery plots and Columbarium vaults.

Members: Dearing Johns, MD (Chair), Susan Harris, Pat Lampkin, Rachel Lloyd, William Shenkir, Helen Snyder, Michael Suarez, Robert Trent
Ex Officio: Hunter Hodges, Richard Hopkins, Blake Watson, Lily West

Parking Citation Appeals Committee 
The Parking Citation Appeals Committee shall provide representation from outside the Department of Parking and Transportation for unbiased adjudication of individual appeals relative to parking citations issued by authorized University enforcement personnel. The Committee shall provide to the Department of Parking and Transportation items relative to general parking policies or functions that may require screening or study as a result of appeals impact.

Members: Walter Oliveira (Chair), Chrissie Holt-Hull, Patrick Wood
Ex Officio: Andy Mansfield, Josiah Mayberry, Scott Silsdorf

SVPO Inclusive Excellence Committee
The SVPO Inclusive Excellence (IE) Committee includes representation from across the organization led by the Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations. The SVPO IE Committee provides collaborative oversight for implementation of the three plans that make up the consolidated Operations Inclusive Excellence plan: Business Operations, Facilities Management & Office of the University Building Official, and SVPO Collective (Office of the Architect for the University, Real Estate & Leasing Services, Office of the Senior Vice President, and State Government Relations). The Committee monitors progress toward the plans, identifies ways to work in partnership toward the collective objectives of the consolidated plan, and strategizes to address challenges encountered and resources needed for implementation.

Members: Emily Douglas (Co-Coordinator), Jeremy Harris-McDonnell (Co-Coordinator), Bethany Hurley (Co-Coordinator), Kathy Grove, Melanie Price, Meryl Sarrecchia, Dan Shantler, Ja’Mir Smith, Ronald Stevenson, Rollie Zumbrunn

Transportation and Parking Committee
The Committee on Transportation and Parking shall be charged with the following responsibilities: to review, develop, and recommend policies and practices relative to parking and transportation support to the University community; to advise on long-range planning issues involving parking and transportation at the University. The Committee shall provide assistance and relevant input to the Department of Parking and Transportation for the following:

  • Provision of a viable fee-based parking management system on the academic campus.
  • Provision and operation of a safe, efficient bus service that supports the academic, cultural, operational, and social activities of a comprehensive University, and provides timely service to and from the Grounds and areas of the surrounding community.
  • Facilitation of the orderly flow of vehicular, bicycle, micro-mobility, and pedestrian traffic at the University, while minimizing conditions which unnecessarily impede traffic both within the University and in areas contiguous to the University.
  • Provision of regional transportation initiatives and partnerships.
  • Review of budgets and appropriate fees for parking and transportation services and enforcement.

Members: Jess Wenger (Chair), Ava Bagherian (student), Scott Barker, Stuart Foster, Kendall Howell, Bill Palmer, Trish Romer, Mark Stanis
Ex Officio: Carey Drayton, Scott Silsdorf